Shoe making machines

Traco spol. s r.o. supplies not only the individual shoemaking machines but also complete lines or manufacturing plants for making footwear. As the best-selling machines for footwear production are our machines and equipment for welted shoes. We are able to supply the entire technology required for these footwears.

Stuck-on construction

The process of lasting (pulling) the upper over the last and round its edge (making the upper conform to the shape of the last) and securing the margin so that the position of the upper is held.

GoodYear welt construction

In the Goodyear welt construction two seams are used for the attachmnet of the shoe bottomThe first is a hidden chainstitched „inseam“ holding the welt,upper,lining and insole together while the second is a lockstitch „outseam“ which holds the outsole to the welt.

Stitchdown construction

A type of shoe in which the lower margin of the upper is flanged outwards and the flange is stitched down to a sole or insole.An outsole may or may not be attached to the insole.

Direct vulcanizing of rubber soles

This construction serves for moulding and direct vulcanizing of rubber soles on leather or textile uppers on metal last.

Leather goods machines

Machinery and accessories that are used in the leather goods production process which, through various stages, are utilized for the manufacture of bags, belts, wallets and more.


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