Z810 P3 - Twin sole attaching machine

The sole forcing machine is used in shoe making industry for cement attaching and forcing on sole to footwear uppers pre lasted on the lasts. The machine is universal half-pair type, for all size of footwear (children's, ladies', men's). The machine can be used for attaching all sort soles. The mould is closed by a pnemumatic cylinder which is, out of safety, controled by two pressbuttons on the control panel. (two-hand starting). The machine has been designed for mere compressed air control, without making use of electric instalation.

Technical parameters :
Productivity (at 15s forcing-on time) prs/h 120
Forcing-on presure MPa 0,3-0,6
Air supply pressure MPa up to 0,6
Forcing-on time (adjustable) s 1-30
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 490
-depth mm 850
-height mm 1050
Machine weight kgs 230

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