07567 P2 - Splitting machine

The machine is used for slitting pelrts up to 2700mm working width. The use of rigid and simple main parts enables to achieve high precision of splitting. The reinforced driving mechanism guarantees calm and reliable running of the machine. The advance of the splitting knife is automatic and its intensity can be changed. The safety of the operator is secured by encasing of all driving mechanims and rotating parts including the possibility of immediate stopping all electric motors.

Technical parameters :
Productivity :
mass class 25 to 35 kg pcs/h up to 180
mass class 18 to 24 kg pcs/h up to 230
Working width mm 2700
Speed of feeding m/s 0,14-0,5
Instaled output kW 17,2
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 4800
-depth mm 900
-height mm 1840
Machine weight kgs 5400

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