07736 P2 - Máquina continua de ablandar por vibración MOLLISA

The machine is used for staking and suppling side coehide back or butt leathers which were dried in pasted or togle state. The machine is suitable for staking and suplling also other sorts of leathers dried and pasted state on poles or in vacuum dryed. The machine operate on the trogh-feed principle and automatically and they can be included in production lines.

Parámetros técnicos :
Productividad :
-piel vacuna pzs/hrs 300
-piel de ternera pzs/hrs hasta 250
-piel de cerdo pzs/hrs hasta 800
Ancho de trabajo mms 1800
Velocidad de alimentación del material m/s 0,38-0,8
Potencia instalada kW 12,5
Dimensiónes de la máquina :
-ancho mms 3220
-largo mms 2200
-altura mms 1700
Peso de la máquina kgs 4985

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