NOTO 02 - BOXES - Sewing machine for bags & boxes

The machine is designed for sewing individual parts of the cardboard boxes, using a two-thread lockstitch.The machine can stitch cardboard material up to the total thickness 8 mm.The length of stitch is adjustable up to 10 mm.
the machine is equipped with the servo drive and servo motor for fluent regulation of stitch speed and precise stop position.

Technical parameters :
Number of stitches 1/min 175-230-300
Maximum stitch lenght mm 10
Maximum thickness of stitched material mm 8
Needles used No. 41-52
Air pressure MPa 0,4-0,6
Instaled output kW 1,5
Dimension of the machine:
- width mm 780
- depth mm 930
- height mm 1395
Weight of the machine Kgs 370

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