101082 P42 - Footwear vulcanizing machine

This vulcanizing press serves for moulding and direct vulcanizing of rubber soles on textile or leather uppers on metal last up tu the footwear high of 350mm. The machine is provided with an electric device for automatic control of adjusted vulcanizing temperature and with time switches giving the impuls for opning the mould station.

Technical parameters :
Productivity :
-single coloured soles of sports footwear prs/h up to 30
-single coloured soles of working boots prs/h up to 15
-double and multi - coloured soles prs/h up to 20
Moulding force kN 123
Pressure of the hydraulic set MPa 8
Instaled output kW 12,5
Moulds dimensions :
-width mm 170
-depth mm 380
-height mm 425
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 1700
-depth mm 1250
-height mm 2130
Machine weight kgs 1730

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