07737 P1 - MOLLISA automatic staking machine

The machine is used for staking and suppling side cowhide back or butt leathers which were dried in pasted or togle state. The machine is suitable for staking and suplling also other sorts of leathers dried and pasted state on poles or in vacuum dryed. The motoric setting of staking intensity enables to use fully this machine also in workshop with frequent changes of sorts processed raw material or with large changes in stiffness of leathers in individual parts of leather.

Technical parameters :
Productivity :
cowhide leathers pcs/h 360
calfskin leathers pcs/h up to 300
pigskin leathers pcs/h up to 800
Working width mm 2100
Speed of feeding m/s 0,38-0,8
Instaled output kW 16
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 3410
-depth mm 2200
-height mm 1750
Machine weight kgs 6140

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