06144 P1 - Band knife splitting machine

This machine serves for spitting, incision splitting, leveling and matrix skiving of parts of upper leather in shoe making fancy goods or glove industries. The skiving of other materials, like rubber, syntetic leather atc. or of material with special surface finish or structure is to be tested in advance.
The machine skives (didvided) the parts on theirwhole surface. On the customer order. The machine is provided with an exhausting device for remove technoplastic dust.

Technical parameters :
Splitting device width mm 420
Material feeding speed m/min 6-21,6
Upper roller stroke mm 28
Bottom roller stroke mm 8
Minimum splitting thicknes with using :
upper roller mm 8
ruler mm 0,2
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 1100
-depth mm 550
-height mm 1700
Machine weight kgs 130

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