04352 P1 - Universal heel nailing machine

The machine is used for nailing the heels to footwear by means of shoe making nails from the inside and from the outside and also on footwear, which was pulled over the shoe last. It is further possible to nail metallic protector, heel tips, and top lifts from the outside, to build nailed heels up to the height of 2cms, eventually tu secure parts of the shoe bottom by nails.The machine function requires the use of holding bridges (special accessory) and if nailing heads drawing number 04224 (depending on the heel model).

Technical parameters :
Productivity prs/8h 110-500
Nailing strenght kN up to 30
Number of the nails driven in Pcs 1-15
Air operating pressure MPa 0,25-0,4
Instaled output kW 0,6
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 570
-depth mm 960
-height mm 1665
Machine weight kgs 650

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