03028 P13 - Sole stitching machine

This machine is designed for stitching soles to the wetts, to the midsole and to the uppers, using a two thread lockstitch. The machine makes it possible to stitchdown both light, and heavy-duty types of soles for footwear.
The machine is equipped with an electronic controller for stepless speed variation in three stages of regulation.

Technical parameters :
- light shoe prs/h up to 80
- heavy duty shoe prs/h up to 55
Number of stitches 1/min 0-250-750-1000 - 3 stages
Adjustable lenght of stitches mm 4-10
Needle used (GROZ-BECKERT) No. 41-45
Instaled output kW 1,63
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 900
-depth mm 1030
-height mm 1550
Machine weight kgs 354

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