02201 P3 - Activating and back part moulding machine

The machine serves for premoulding the heel partion of upper with inserted counter activated on auxiliary activating stations mounted on the machine. The machine stabilizes the shape of the heel by chilling it with the possibility of wiping the margin. The upper can be premoulded (with the use of the outer and inner mould and wiping device - special accessories) within the size extent of 120-130 of all normal heel heights (HH) and legs lenghts. When using special accessories, the machine moulds and wipes the heel partion of the veldtschoen and GoodYear welted footwear.

Technical parameters :
Productivity prs/h up to 140
Air operating pressure MPa 0,4-0,6
Air consumption per 1 pair l 36,5
Instaled output kW 2,9
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 1480
-depth mm 600
-height mm 1720
Machine weight kgs 500

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