01337 P2 - Eyeleting machine

The machine is used in the shoemaking and similar industries for punching holes and inserting footwear eyelets with bentover heads for shoe-upper laces, further for cardboard, tissues, rubber etc. The eyelets can be of diferent siyes and shapes. Beside eyeleting the machine can be used for punching e.g. for inserting hooks. Eyeleting /punching/ footwear of thick materials can take place also before attaching the vamps.

Technical parameters :
Main shaft revolutions 1/min 300
Siye of eyelets /shank dia x flange dia/ mm 4x7,5 through 7x13
Pitch of eyelet /steplessly x adjustable/ mm 13 through 30
Instaled output kW 1,4
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 940
-depth mm 670
-height mm 1285
Machine weight kgs 180

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