01299 P6 - Seam ironing machine

The machine is used for rubbing-down seams on low and open boot shoe uppers made of leather by means of a milling tool, with simultaneous tape applying and eith automatic trimming of the tape, which a layer of cold adhesive. Also, seams of shoe uppers made of poromeric and of textile materials or seams of shoe uppers with no tape applied there on can be rubbed-down. The uppers of poromeric materials can be rubbed-down with tape applying only when the tape is width 20 mm.

Technical parameters :
-low uppers prs/h up to 270
-boot uppers prs/h up to 215
Feeding speed of tape applying rollers m/s 0,12-0,19
Width of tape used mm 14,16,20
Instaled output kW 1,05
Dimensions of the machine
-width mm 1000
-depth mm 610
-height mm 1282
Machine weight kgs 150

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